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  • Haier’s Transparent Organic TV in Early Demo

    Published by kristoffer September 5, 2011

    Have you wished your TV should come with a transparent screen, then brushed it off because who would ever create such a device? Good news, because Haier has presented its 22-inch transparent organic TV,… [Read More]

  • Haier Rhapsody Ibiza MP3 Player

    Published by admin January 26, 2009

    The newest MP3 player out there by Haier, the Rhapsody Ibiza Touch, is an impressive touch screen player.
    The Haier Rhapsody Ibiza Touch is a WQVGA touch screen player that comes with a 2.8 inch color…. [Read More]

  • Haier Ibiza Rhapsody

    Published by admin December 17, 2007

    While most people are still fixated on the fact that Haier is greatly associated to microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators, the brand has already stretched out to include portable MP3 players on their products list…. [Read More]