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  • Google Not Liable for Unfavorable Vanity Search Results

    Published by kristoffer March 7, 2013

    You may not know who Beverly Stayart is, but after reading this article, you may get to know her better… and even do a Google search.
    Stayart, a native of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, has noticed that her… [Read More]

  • PassBan Puts Access Authentication to Your Wrist

    Published by kristoffer March 2, 2013

    While Google is looking for ways of developing a master key to access all our devices, a mobile security startup is already offering such.
    At a developer event in San Francisco, PassBan has shown off a… [Read More]

  • Making a Harlem Shake Video? There’s an App for That!

    Published by kristoffer March 1, 2013

    The Harlem Shake meme has been sweeping the world quicker than Gangnam Style. And like that viral hit of last year, expect developers to come up with apps about performing random movements just as… [Read More]

  • Google Exec Denies Plans of Physical Retail Stores

    Published by kristoffer February 27, 2013

    If you got excited about the rumors of Google possibly putting up brick-and-mortar stores, time to tone it down.
    Andy Rubin, Google’s head of Android has confirmed to members of the press that–as far as he… [Read More]

  • LG Introduces Tiny Wireless Charger

    Published by kristoffer February 26, 2013

    LG shows off all its wares at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is also here where the company has announced its newest smartphones and its acquisition of webOS from HP, a… [Read More]

  • Google Launches Chromebook Pixel Touch-Screen Laptop

    Published by kristoffer February 22, 2013

    Google has unveiled its first touch-screen laptop that runs on its own Chrome operating system. The new high-end laptop, called the Chromebook Pixel, was designed and built by Google in collaboration with a hardware… [Read More]

  • Google to Open Physical Retail Stores?

    Published by kristoffer February 16, 2013

    Looks like Google is taking a step forward into becoming a full-fledged electronic hardware provider.
    PC magazine has reported one of the biggest rumors swirling last week: that Google is planning to open its own… [Read More]

  • Tamagotchi Celebrates Sweet 16 with Android App

    Published by kristoffer February 15, 2013

    Tamagotchi, the Japanese virtual pet you have raised and fed during the 1990’s, turns 16. In celebration of the toy’s coming-of-age, Namco Bandai has launched a new mobile app based on the original digital… [Read More]

  • Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search iOS App

    Published by dennis

    Traveling can either be a memorable experience or it can be a nightmare, depending on which side of the field you’re on. If you come unprepared for that next trip, then be prepared to experience… [Read More]

  • Silence For Android: Make Your Smartphone Go Hush When You Need It

    Published by kristoffer February 11, 2013

    We all have been through this: you are inside the cinema watching a movie and you have forgotten to switch your smartphone to silent mode. You realized that because it rang loudly, much… [Read More]

  • Zombie Road Trip Android Game App

    Published by dennis February 8, 2013

    Since it is about time for the new season of The Walking Dead, any interest about zombies have been revived. People are now again into zombie mode in anticipation of the popular zombie apocalypse TV… [Read More]

  • How to Make a Secure Password

    Published by kristoffer February 7, 2013

    After Twitter halted an attack on its servers that caused 250,000 accounts and their passwords compromised, not to mention a string of hacking incidents among media websites, people worry about creating passwords that are strong… [Read More]

  • Old School Defense Android Game App

    Published by dennis February 4, 2013

    Tower defense games really have become quite popular these days. But while some may have grown tired about it, there are still others who crave for such games that provide a different experience. The Old… [Read More]

  • The Voice Clarifying TV Speaker

    Published by dennis February 3, 2013

    Watching a movie can sometimes be a battle between hearing the dialogue and enjoying the high definition background audio. But most people would prefer to hear the dialogue first before all the explosions and crashes…. [Read More]

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