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  • BlackBerry Music Gateway Now Available

    Published by kristoffer June 3, 2012

    BlackBerry stayed firm in its promise of bringing its Music Gateway to retail by June 2012, and it did so on the first day of the month. The BlackBerry Music Gateway (BMG) works as… [Read More]

  • Gateway ID47 Notebook

    Published by dennis July 10, 2011

    Looks, aside from performance have become an important factor in choosing a laptop or notebook. That is why both features stand highly among newer laptops being introduced in the market. One of them that may… [Read More]

  • Google Chromebook’s Security Features Worry Anti-Virus Developers

    Published by kristoffer May 30, 2011

    When Google introduced its upcoming Chromebook notebook, it claimed that its gadget would put an end to security hassles.
    “Chromebooks have many layers of security built in so there is no anti-virus software to buy and… [Read More]

  • MobiWire S Phone, The Secure Smartphone

    Published by dennis February 21, 2011

    Business people usually take great care about protecting company information. Getting such information in the wrong hands can prove quite disastrous. Mobile communications used today may not offer the required level of security that most… [Read More]

  • Belkin Conserve Gateway Router System

    Published by dennis October 5, 2010

    Energy conservation has become a big deal nowadays, even in the home. Belkin Conserve has been developing devices to help homes to conserve energy. In its new Belkin Conserve Gateway router system, it aims to… [Read More]

  • Gateway Introduces Latest Notebook with WiMAX

    Published by kristoffer September 29, 2010

    Gateway introduces its latest addition to the NV line of notebooks. The Gateway NV59C66u features WiMAX capabilities, which depends on which WiMAX service provider the user would choose. WiMAX enables users to be… [Read More]

  • Gateway Releases LT32 Netbook Line

    Published by kristoffer July 7, 2010

    Gateway announced the release of their new line of netbooks. The new LT32 line uses AMD’s NEO processors and ATI graphics, has 11.6-inch ultrabright HD LED monitor with 1366 x 768 resolution and 16:9… [Read More]

  • Gateway Adds Two New All-in-One PCs for the Cost-Conscious

    Published by kristoffer May 21, 2010

    Gateway unveils two new touchscreen all-in-one desktop PCs as additions to its line of One ZX Series desktop computers. The ZX4300 runs on high-performance AMD Athlon II X2 processors, while the ZX6900 is boosted… [Read More]

  • Gateway One ZX All-In-One Desktop PC

    Published by admin November 9, 2009

    Once ignored due to the rise of laptops, desktop computers are now being given a cooler and more functional vibe as they evolve into all-in-one PCs that eliminate the need of bulky CPU towers.
    Gateway… [Read More]

  • Vue Personal Wireless Video Network

    Published by admin October 30, 2009

    Surveillance cameras have become an important part of many households that value security. But in most cases, some fail to have them because it can be quite complicated to install. But the Vue Personal… [Read More]

  • MSI X-Slim X600

    Published by admin August 10, 2009

    Not too long ago, MSI introduced its ultrathin laptop called the X-Slim X600.  With a thickness of just 0.75 inches, people are baffled how MSI was able to stuff all those powerhouse features in… [Read More]

  • Meraki Mini Outdoor

    Published by admin February 14, 2008

    Meraki Networks originally started out as a research project at MIT, but has grown into a full-pledged company that envisions to bring affordable Internet access to people and making money off excess bandwidths.
    How would… [Read More]

  • Gateway 820GM Media Center PC

    Published by admin January 25, 2008

    The Gateway 820GM Media Center PC is quite a good deal for a computer with its capabilities. Its notable feature is its quiet and virtually soundless operation that would be an added bonus if you… [Read More]