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Duracell SnapBattery for iPhone 5 (0)

People always worry about not having enough power all the time. There seems to be not enough juice for portable devices like smartphones all the time. Most people cannot seem to rely on the device batteries alone. Some even prefer bringing in a back up battery for insurance. For those who have the same gripes and own an iPhone 5, this Duracell SnapBattery may come in handy. The Duracell SnapBattery is a convenient back up battery option for people who own an iPhone 5. Power issues with many smartphones never die down. And if you experience the same with your iPhone 5, you can use the Duracell SnapBattery to provide you with twice the power you need. This back up battery comes in a slim profile and works as a snap on feature to a Duracell AccessCase. All you need to do is to snap on the backup battery to the iPhone 5 AccessCase and you get instant power to double up the battery life of your smartphone. Designed by Yves Behar, the Duracell SnapBattery is part of the Duracell PowerMat set that includes the AccessCase, the TravelMat and the SnapBattery. It offers a more convenient way to charge up your iPhone 5, not to mention provide extra juice for it. The Duracell SnapBattery offer the convenience of wireless charging if paired together with the TravelMat. But users can use it with only the AccessCase in tow. The SnapBattery comes with a 1950 mAh lithium ion polymer battery. Without the TravelMat, the SnapBattery can also be charged using a USB cable. You can get the Duracell SnapBattery for US$60. You might also require the Duracell AccessCase which is sold separately for US$50. Image Source: Duracell PowerMat Read More

Duracell Instant USB Charger (2)

With more people having to deal with their many portable gadgets nowadays, trying to charge them all up to have enough power becomes more of a challenge. Dealing with a variety of chargers to charge them all up becomes a problem in itself, especially when you bring along with you several portable devices at a time. One of the more recent solution is by bringing along reserve power with devices like the Duracell Instant Charger. The Duracell Instant Charger allows users to charge any USB compatible device while on the go. It provides some much needed reserve power for mobile phones, portable media devices and other similar gadgets. The Duracell Instant USB Charger can be charged using a USB slot from your laptop or PC. It also can be charged using and inductive charger for added convenience. The Duracell Instant Charger provides up to 35 hours of backup power for devices. It is available at Amazon for US$25. Image Source: Duracell Read More

Microsoft Introduces InstaLoad (2)

Ever get yourself confused on which side goes with what when loading batteries? Microsoft has developed the InstaLoad battery installation technology, which according to its press release, “allows users to easily install a battery without regard to positive and negative polarity.” InstaLoad works by having connectors on both ends of the battery compartment, each is able to draw power from whichever end of the battery is touching. This “patented battery contact design” is now available for license. According to Microsoft, companies like Duracell have expressed their interest to use the technology for use in their own products. Source: Microsoft, via Techland Read More

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