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  • Dell Reveals Touch-Based Inspiron Laptops

    Published by kristoffer January 12, 2013

    Dell announced on CES that the company is giving its laptop category an overhaul as it introduces new models and features on both budget and mainstream Inspiron laptops. These new laptops come with new… [Read More]

  • Tech Companies Appeal to Reject Patents on Abstract Ideas

    Published by kristoffer December 10, 2012

    Eight high-profile tech companies, which included Google and Facebook, have filed an amicus brief on Friday, asking the courts to reject lawsuits based on patents for “vague concepts” instead of specific applications. According to… [Read More]

  • Dell XPS 12 Hybrid PC

    Published by dennis October 16, 2012

    The computer market is currently undergoing a relative change in direction. With more and more people preferring portability and mobile computing on the go, makers are trying to develop devices that adhere to the new… [Read More]

  • Google Glass Debuts in New York Fashion Week

    Published by kristoffer September 10, 2012

    Google could not think of a better way to introduce its augmented reality glasses to the general public by letting famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg outfit her models in Google Glass as they walk… [Read More]

  • Dell XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid

    Published by dennis September 3, 2012

    Tablet hybrids are fast becoming a more common sight nowadays. While there is still not a lot of them around, the market for tablet and laptop hybrids seem to be becoming even more interesting with… [Read More]

  • Samsung Counters Apple’s Opening Statement with Pre-iPhone Slider Phone Concepts

    Published by kristoffer August 2, 2012

    While Apple opened the patent infringement trial against Samsung with a simple design evolution chart of Samsung’s mobile phones before and after iPhone was launched, the South Korean company tries to point out Apple’s “hypocrisy”… [Read More]

  • Dell Latitude 6430u Specs Leaked

    Published by kristoffer May 22, 2012

    A Dutch tech website reveals that there will be a newest version of Dell’s Latitude line of ultrabooks. According to, the Dell Latitude 6430u will allegedly feature a 14-inch screen with 1,366 x… [Read More]

  • Students Who Buy PCs Get Free Xbox 360

    Published by kristoffer May 19, 2012

    For the second year in a row, Microsoft is helping out students with free Xbox 360s. Beginning May 20th in the United States, students who will buy a Windows PC worth $699 or more… [Read More]

  • Shocker! Apple Planned to Add Physical Keyboard on iPhone

    Published by kristoffer April 30, 2012

    Back in the day when BlackBerrys were the coolest phones in the planet, Apple was struggling about what to do if they add mobile phone features on their iPod. One option, apparently, was to… [Read More]

  • Dell Gives Up on the US, at least in Smartphones

    Published by kristoffer March 29, 2012

    A spokesperson for Dell announced that his company will no longer be selling the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone (pictured) and Dell Streak 7 smartphone-tablet hybrid, at least in the United Sates, citing that Dell… [Read More]

  • Dell Latitude E6420 ATG Rugged Laptop

    Published by dennis March 12, 2012

    When it comes to computing devices used in different working environments, tough features are usually required. Laptops now need to have that added rugged features in order to be an ideal computing device in a… [Read More]

  • Research: Apple Garners Gold in Mobile PC Market

    Published by kristoffer February 24, 2012

    While Apple has just inched its way to number 3 among the top smartphone makers, it is a different story when it comes to mobile PC (which constitutes laptops and tablets). Market research firm… [Read More]

  • Five Gadget Predictions for 2012

    Published by kristoffer December 23, 2011

    The year 2011 is not much of a blast when it comes to technology. We witnessed the retail launch of the first handheld 3D gaming console, a wide array of dual-core smartphones, and the… [Read More]

  • Grand Theft Auto III Tenth Anniversary Edition for Mobile Devices

    Published by kristoffer December 7, 2011

    Grand Theft Auto III is arguably one of the most popular video games of the last decade. The game involves protagonist Claude who is on a crime-ridden havoc across Liberty City. As the… [Read More]

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