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Casio XJ-F210WN Projector For Gamers (0)

In the technology market, it is the gamers that have always been a target for many gadget makers. They are usually the ones offered with devices that come with the best specs available. A consummate gamer will spend on the best gaming rig available or have one made that other gamers don't have yet. For gamers who wish to stand out, they might want to consider a different way of playing. Instead of a computer monitor, why not use a projector instead. That is what Casio is now introducing in its new Casio XJ-F210WN projector designed for gamers. The Casio XJ-F210WN is part of the company's Advanced Series line of projectors. Using this projector instead of the usual display monitor can really boost the screen size that typical gamers are used to. It can lead to a more immersive gaming experience. With the Casio XJ-F210WN, gamers can play in front of a display comparable to a 60- to 100-inch screen. This projector also makes use of Casio's LampFree technology, allowing gamers to use a projector that consumes less power than the standard mercury lamp projector. It can provide up to 3,500 lumens in terms of brightness. An advantage is that at its brightest, the Casio XJ-F210WN consumes only 180 watts. The Casio XJ-F210WN can also provide its miximum brightness in as little as five seconds. It can also adjust the brightness automatically to ensure that gamers also get great visuals every time while conserving power as well. The Casio XJ-F210WN also comes with two HDMI as well as a USB power supply. The Casio XJ-F210WN projector for gamers is now available from their selected partners Read More

Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch (0)

If ever wrist watches have to regain their appeal to people, it is when they try to integrate newer technologies to become part of its different features. This will help make them become more relevant to some people, more than just a device that can tell time. This is what some people may find in the Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch. The Casio G Shock GB6900AA-2 Bluetooth Smart Watch is no longer just a device you depend on to give you accurate time when you need to know. It now comes with a low power Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that you can use to pair it with your iPhone or other compatible smartphone. Once paired, the Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch can provide you with email and call notifications. Users can also use it to find misplaced paired devices by activating their ring and vibrating functions. It also alerts a user when a paired device is getting out of range. The Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch offers simple and yet very useful features that many people would welcome. It is available at selected retailers for around US$180. Image Source: Casio Read More

Casio Paper Writer (2)

With tablets becoming more and more popular, they are considered to someday replace the notepad or notebook altogether as a primary note taking device. But even with all the high tech gadgets of today, there are still people who prefer using paper to write on their lists and notes to. For people who may still be quite confused of staying with tradition or embracing new technology when it comes to note taking, Casio is introducing the Casio Paper Writer. The Casio Paper Writer may be nothing more to most people than a tablet combined with a traditional notepad and placed together in a nice protective casing. But it does combine two important functions essential in day to day tasks into just a single device. The tablet comes with a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, 10.1 inch touch screen display and a camera. On the other side is a paper notepad than people can use for handwriting. The camera of the tablet can also be used to digitize the handwritten notes easily. Users can also use a stylus in order to try writing on the touch screen display to make their notes. The Casio Paper Writer can be considered as a transition device that will help people having the struggle of whether to embrace new technology being offered by the tablets. It can also be a device that will always have a paper notepad handy for people who may have missed writing notes by hand now and then. The Casio Paper Writer is expected to be available in the Japanese market by September. No pricing details have been provided yet. Image Source: Casio Paper Writer Read More

Casio GzOne Commando Smartphone (1)

Casio is known more for its line of cool watches. But that does not necessarily mean that they don't make cool smartphones. In fact, Casio has its line of GzOne smartphones that also can hold out on its own in the tough market for mobile phones. One of its recent offerings is the new Casio GzOne Commando Smartphone. The Casio GzOne Commando Smartphone not only looks cool, it is also tough. Built to be tough, the Casio GzOne Commando is certified MIL-STD-810G for toughness. It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and can even withstand temperatures as high as 86 degrees Celsius to as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Now that is one tough phone. The rugged Casio GzOne Commando also features a 3.6" WVGA touchscreen display, 5MP megapixel camera, 512 RAM and 1GB Flash and with a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 32GB. It is also WiFi ready, with Bluetooth connectivity and comes with large front speakers for those who need more sound. The new Casio GzOne Commando is expected to be available at Verizon on April 29. it is expected to cost around US$200 that comes with a 2-year Verizon service plan. Image Source: Casio Read More

Casio TRYX Digital Camera (3)

Most digital cameras are designed in almost the same common form factor users are more accustomed with. While this can be considered as a convenience, it may also be a product trait that may limit some of the features of digital camera in terms of functions. As a way to break the mold, the new Casio TRYX is designed differently to offer added versatility and function to a common digital camera. The Casio TRYX Digital Camera follows a unique design not found in current digital camera models. It has a variable frame design that allows it to be turned, twisted, hanged or made to stand in various positions for better image captures. It comes with a 12MP sensor fitted on a lens that can be rotated from front to back. This unique digital camera is also equipped with the Exilim Engine HS ad comes with a 3-inch LCD touch screen display. Other features include a high speed Super Resolution zoom, High Dynamic Range Technology and support for 1080 HD output. The new Casio TRYX Digital Camera is expected to be available in the market sometime in April of this year. It is expected to cost around US$250. Image Source: Casio Read More

Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch (2)

Casio has recently unveiled a new concept watch that may be unlike the current digital wrist watches in the market. Its Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch prototype was designed to provide features that can work with a person's mobile phone. This prototype may allow phone users to sync up their phone information and date with their Casio wrist watch via Bluetooth. The Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch is designed with added features mainly to supplement the features of a typical Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Via low energy Bluetooth technology, the new Casio digital wrist watch can transmit time information from a smart phone to the watch to always ensure the correct time. The watch may also be able to alert wearers of any incoming calls or email messages being sent to the user's phone. Another feature that the new Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch offers is the ability to activate alarm and vibration functions of the smart phone from the watch. A smart phone's alert and ring signals may also be set to stop by simply tapping the watch. The Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch may give people another way to look at a digital wrist watch more than just a device that can tell them time. As a prototype, it is still currently in the planning stages. But Casio aims to produce this unique digital wrist watch by this year. Image Source: Casio Read More

NEC Casio Releases Rugged Cell Phone for Japan (2)

NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest mobile carrier, has just released a brand-new shockproof and waterproof cell phone by NEC Casio. The N-03C, according to its manufacturer, has met local and foreign standards, including dropping a single phone from 1.2 meter onto a plywood 26 times and submersing it in 1.5-meter deep water for half an hour. The 158-gram phone also features a 3.2-inch screen made of Gorilla glass, an 8.1-megapixel CMOS camera with Sony Exmor for Mobile sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, an OLED sub display, stainless steel at the back of the keypad, and a special screw to stabilize the battery door. The NEC Casio N-03C is available in Japan for an equivalent of US$480. Source: MobileCrunch Read More

Casio G-Shock Deco G (4)

The Casio G-Shock Series has continued to be quite a popular line of watches for Casio. Even their female line seem to be quite popular, so much so that they continue to come up with new stylish editions. One of the newest ones is the Casio G-Shock Deco G. The Casio G-Shock Deco G is a new addition to the G-Shock Mini family of watches. It still features most of the things that the G-Shock line has always been known for- shock resistance, 100 meter water resistance, auto EL backlight with afterglow, 48 city world time as well as many others. But what makes this new Deco G watch unique is that it is meticulously encrusted with hand selected crystals for added style and luxury. What's more, Casio will be making this a limited edition watch as only 50 pieces will be made. This Casio G-Shock Deco G will be exclusively available only at Bloomingdales for the upcoming holidays and is expected to cost around US$200. Image Source: Casio Read More

Casio Green Slim Environment Friendly Projector (1)

Eco-friendly devices become more and more popular among those who care for the environment. That is why many device manufacturers nowadays make use of this slant to sell new gadgets that not only are better due to new tech but also is more environment friendly. One such device may be the Green Slim Projectors from Casio. The Casio Green Slim Series Projector is considered as the world's first high brightness eco-friendly projector in the market. It makes use of a new and patented Hybrid Solid State Light Source that not only provides consistent brightness and color projections but also is mercury free. Although not pocket sized, these eco-friendly projectors are compact enough to bring along anywhere. It measures less than 2 inches thick and weighs only 5 lbs. The Casio Green Slim Eco-Friendly Projector is available in different models with a variety of features. You can check them out at the Casio site and their prices range from US$800 to US$1,600, depending on their added features. Image Source: Casio Read More

Casio Unveils Two Exilim Cameras, One with GPS (4)

Casio unveils two new cameras for their Exilim line of point and shooters, each one catering to different markets. The Exilim EX-H20G features a built-in GPS that automatically geotags every image taken. It also has built-in maps and can even display where the photographer is located, thus keeping the user from getting lost. Apart from the GPS function, this camera includes a 14.1-megapizel sensor with 24-millimeter 10x optical zoom lens, and video recording capability at 720p and 30 frames per second. The other new camera is the Casio Exilim Z-16, an entry-level device that features a 12.1-megapixel sensor, face recognition, and a "Best Scene" mode that automatically selects the most optimum settings at a single touch. It may not have GPS, but its simplicity is what consumers may like about this camera. The EX-H20G will be available starting November, costing US$349.99. The Z-16 will hit the shelves within the month at $99.99. Source: Casio Exilim, via CrunchGear Read More

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