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Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera (0)

Digital cameras seem to be in competition with smartphones nowadays in terms of capturing customer attention. While some smartphones with great built-in camera features have captured a sizable number of casual customers that previously prefer digital cameras, the battle is not yet over. Digital camera makers are fighting back by creating new camera models with better features and functions. Zoom features may be limited in most smartphone cameras due to their size. Newer digital cameras like the Canon Powershot G3X takes advantage of this to capture new camera enthusiasts into its fold. The Canon Powershot G3X digital camera is one of those superzoom cameras that are now getting quite popular in the market. Some might consider it as a high-end compact digital camera, somewhere between portable digital cameras and the professional models. This new Canon digital camera comes with a 20MP sensor with a one-inch sensor size for superior image quality. Like with other superzoom cameras, the Canon Powershot G3X comes with superzoom lens, capable of zooming in at 25 times normal. The Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera also comes with a 3-inch touchscreen LCD that can flip out for use when taking selfies. A 5-axis image stabilization feature ensures that users capture clearer images despite some bit of movement. What the Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera may lack is an electronic viewfinder for users who prefer taking pictures similar to how professionals do it. Other features worthy of note include WiFi connectivity, dust and splash proofing and 1080 Full HD video capture. The new Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera is expected to come out sometime in July. Initial pricing is expected to be around $1,000. Image Source: Canon Read More

Two Nikon Cameras versus Two Canon Cameras (3)

The rivalry between Canon and Nikon has intensified with the release of two new cameras from each company. In both cases, one of the camera is a DSLR and the other being a compact point-and-shoot. CrunchGear could not help but pit the cameras to a battle of specs and features. Which company do you think provides superior cameras? Let's find out! We start with the DSLRs. Nikon D7000 was released just now, right at the heels at last week's launch of Canon 60D. As you can see, both cameras have its advantages and disadvantages. The Nikon D7000 has a superior ISO and and AF system, while the Canon 60D has more megapixels. The former has a more stable and weather-resistant casing, being made from partial Magnesium alloy compared to Canon 60D's plastic case, while the latter can brag about its better LCD resolution and lower price. We now go to the battle of the compact digital cameras, between Nikon P7000 that was released last week and the Canon G12, released just days ago. On all aspects, this chart shows the superior features of the P7000 at the same price with the G12. However, this does not mean that the Canon camera is a weaker one. Perhaps you prefer the limitations of the Canon G12. Source: CrunchGear Read More

Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera (1)

The Canon PowerShot S95 digital camera is the latest offering from Canon in its PowerShot compact digital camera line. It is the successor to the Canon S90 premium compact point and shoot camera. It features really do provide a worthy update that many casual but selective point and shoot camera users would love. The Canon PowerShot S95 features a 10 megapixel sensor combined with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor that makes up Canon's HS System for better image quality even in low light conditions. It also features a 3.8x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer in addition to a 28mm Wide-Angle Lens to allow a variety of shooting options, close ups to family pictures. Aside from capturing images, the Canon S95 can also record video in 720p HD quality. The Canon PowerShot S95 is available at Canon for US$400. Image Source: Canon Read More

Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera (5)

With most DSLR cameras becoming more complex, it can be hard for some people to understand how to use them more effectively. That is why some are now being designed for easier use even by a beginner photographer just getting interested on such a hobby. One possible example would be new Studio Version EOS 7D DSLR camera by Canon. The Canon EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR camera is designed for use by professionals and semi-professionals who likes to take professional quality photos in a more convenient way. The new EOS 7D Studio Version features four levels of locking camera controls for studio environments. This feature now comes with the optional Canon Barcode Solution that helps link photos with customer data to help the photographer keep track of it more efficiently. The new Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera is now available at Canon with a "body only" price starting at US$1829. Image Source: Canon Read More

New Canon Printers Now With Fingerprint Scanners (1)

Office spending and expenses seem to go outrageously high due to waste. Many experts may have deduced that a lot of the waste may have been through the office photocopier. In order to further reduce this kind of wastage, Canon is introducing a new Canon image Runner series of photocopiers armed with a fingerprint scanner. The new series of Canon photocopiers from Japan features a Finger Print Authentication Software that was developed by Hitachi Software Engineering for Canon's MEAP Advance enabled devices. The fingerprint authentication feature will allow office employees authorized to use the new photocopiers as the only ones to do so. This might just help control office wastage and save companies valuable money that can be used to pay for the outrageously high salaries of CEO's. The new Canon photocopiers with fingerprint scanners is set to be available in Japan on July 8 for 128,000 Japanese Yen. Image Source: Canon Read More

Canon Unveils Direct-to-CF Pro Videocams (0)

Purchasing professional video cameras can be tricky. The best ones cost an arm and a leg, while the supposedly cheaper varieties are way below the professional level. Good thing Canon has a solution: a pair of pro-level video cameras that can record directly to CompactFlash cards. The new Canon XF305 (pictured) and XF300 models record video clips at a native 1080p quality, use the same MPEG-2 4:2:2 50Mbps codec, DIGIC DV III image processor, and 4-inch LCD monitor, 0.52-inch electronic viewfinder, built-in stereo microphone, and dual XLR audio inputs. The difference is that the XF305 has support for multi-camera or 3D setups. Both cameras from Canon are expected to be available in late June, both costing below US$8,000. Source: Canon, via Engadget Related articles Canon Intros First Pro Digital Video Camera That Records Directly to Compact Flash Cards - Canon XF305 & XF300 ( Canon announces its first pro tapeless camcorders, the XF300 and XF305 ( Canon FS-CF and FS-CF Pro portable Compact Flash DTE recorders ( Read More

Canon X Mark 1 Green Calculator (0)

Even the most common of devices can be made to become friendlier to the environment. It would please the green movement that some manufacturers are doing their bit in order to conserve the earth's resources in their own little way. Consider what Canon has done for its X Mark 1 calculator.What makes the Canon X Mark 1 a green calculator is that its LCD display panel is made out of recycled Canon prism lenses. It is also fully powered by solar energy and contains no battery, making it quite energy efficient. Along with its environment friendly nature, the Canon X Mark 1is also stylishly designed in a slim and streamlined body for that sophisticated and modern look. At a price of around US$30 however, the Canon X Mark 1 calculator may also set it apart from other ordinary but just as functional calculators. For those who are more concerned about the environment and its future, that may just be a small price to pay.Image Source: Canon Read More

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV SLR Camera (0)

The latest in Canon's EOS 1D series of digital cameras has been unveiled.  The EOS-1D Mark IV is a multimedia imaging device that comes with a whopping 16-megapixel Canon CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 Imaging Processors, and 14-bit A/D data conversion, all in a humongous rugged body, ideal for amateur and professional photographers on both studio and outdoor usage.The Canon EOS-1D Mark IV comes with a new 45-point autofocus system that captures fast moving subjects up to 10 frames per second, thus detects subjects better and results in high-definition images with dynamic color and quality.  It also has high ISO range from 100 up to 12,800 on native, which can also be expanded up to 102,400 for even the most dimly-lit situations that are further enhanced with Canon's High ISO Noise Reduction feature.  Videographers will be pleased that this camera can conveniently capture 1080p HD video with full manual exposure control, selectable frame rates, and interchangeable lenses.The Canon EOS-1D Mark Mark Digital SLR camera will be available in the United States beginning late December at a suggested retail price of US$4,999.Image source:  Canon Read More

Canon EOS 450D (0)

The Canon EOS 450D is one among the many good quality digital cameras from this highly esteemed camera manufacturer. The EOS line has been known to be one of the best among their contemporaries and the Canon 450D is not different. It just got a little bit better as newer technologies find their way into digital cameras like the Canon EOS. You might say that the Canon EOS 450D is somewhat in the middle of a standard DSLR and a point and shoot digital camera. The Canon EOS 450D offers the advanced features usually found in standard DSLR's. There are comprehensive enhancements accessories available for the Canon EOS 450D that would make more advanced users have the means to satisfy their more advanced preferences.But then the Canon EOS 450D in its basic form is easy enough for even an occasional tourist to use compact enough to bring around anywhere, it is also features intelligent and intuitive functions that help make beginners capture images and shots the right way. The Canon EOS 450D is the compact digital camera that can fulfill the needs of both advanced as well as the casual digital camera user.Image Source: Canon  Read More

Canon Powershot SD770 (0)

The Canon Powershot SD770 is an ideal digital camera for travelers both in size and features. For those who never want to bother with camera settings on their vacations, just clear and good quality pictures for every shot, the Powershot SD770 digital camera would be an ideal candidate to bring along. The Canon Powershot SD770 is designed with its compact and easily recognizable "Box and Circle" EPLH design, a sleek yet compact digital camera well aimed for everyday use. It has simple controls and automated features that allow users to just point and shoot to get great quality images. This digital camera would do most of the work and leaves the choice of shots to the user. With a 10 mega pixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, Optical Image Stabilizer, and Motion Detection Technology makes this digital camera quite easy to use. And with a price of around US$ 230, it is quite an affordable choice given its advanced features and capabilities.Image Source: Canon Read More

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