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  • Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater

    Published by dennis January 18, 2013

    Tablets have become the primary media device for most people. It is what most people use today to surf the Web, watch movies and even to catch up with friends online. And as such, tablet… [Read More]

  • ASUS WL-330NUL Pocket Router

    Published by dennis January 15, 2013

    When it comes to devices today, going smaller seems to be the way to go. And as devices become smaller and more compact, it will be easier for people to become even more mobile. One… [Read More]

  • Belkin WeMo Home Automation System

    Published by dennis January 11, 2012

    Home automation is probably what the home of the future may feature. But most people may now be able to have a taste of what this home would be like. And it would not take… [Read More]

  • Belkin Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router

    Published by dennis December 8, 2011

    Even when traveling, more and more people would want to have the means to go online using a variety of their portable devices. While hotels may offer clients a wired Internet connection for their checked… [Read More]

  • Belkiz Feedaway Cardboard High Chair

    Published by kristoffer July 25, 2011

    Have a toddler? Good. Like to bring your kid in restaurants that do not provide high chairs? Better, because this product is for you. An Australian-based firm called Belkiz introduces the… [Read More]

  • Belkin Conserve Gateway Router System

    Published by dennis October 5, 2010

    Energy conservation has become a big deal nowadays, even in the home. Belkin Conserve has been developing devices to help homes to conserve energy. In its new Belkin Conserve Gateway router system, it aims to… [Read More]

  • Belkin Conserve Smart AV Power Strip

    Published by dennis October 3, 2010

    Conserving energy has become quite a growing concern. Even homes nowadays try to keep power costs low by using electricity more efficiently. One way of being able to do that would be using energy saving… [Read More]

  • Belkin Play Max Wireless Routers

    Published by admin March 25, 2010

    Belkin comes up with a new line of 802.11n wireless routers that just make them stand out from the others. Most notable of the routers included in this line is the Belkin… [Read More]

  • Belkin TuneStudio

    Published by admin July 30, 2008

    For those who are quite discriminating with audio quality when listening to music, here is one device that would help maintain that type of audio quality when listening to your handy iPod.
    The Belkin TuneStudio… [Read More]

  • Belkin FlyWire

    Published by admin July 17, 2008

    Are you aching to mount your HDTV anywhere you want without those unsightly cables and without the complications, labor, and cost of custom installation? Worry no more, Belkin FlyWire is here. FlyWire features a simple… [Read More]

  • Belkin Washable Mouse

    Published by admin February 26, 2008

    For those neat and squeaky clean PC users out there, here is a must have peripheral for you. The Belkin washable mouse is the best alternative for those who don’t like to use a dirty… [Read More]