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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (0)

When it comes to tablets, people can now look into a number of brands and still get a great quality device. It was only some time ago that there were quite a few players in the tablet market at it was just considered as a niche segment. But now, tablets nowadays are considered as a primary device, second only to the smartphone. More and more people are using tablets to go online, watch movies, and even do some productive work. As of late, people can choose a number of quality tablets in the market, depending on what they aim to use it for. One of the recent ones to come out is the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet from the popular online shopping  giant. Recent Version The Amazon Fire HD 8 is the recent version of the company's line of tablets. The new version comes with an 8-inch touchscreen with a 1280x800 resolution display. It is powered by a MediaTek Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor along with a 1GB of RAM. The Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with a choice of 8GB or 16GB storage memory. For both versions, users have the option of adding a microSD up to 200 GB. It also comes with a 720p HD camera at the front and a 5MP HD camera at the rear. All in all, the new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet comes with just a slight difference from the previous version of the Amazon Fire tablet. But what may be an added difference is that the new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet now comes integrated with Alexa, Amazon's AI Assistant. When compared to other tablets, it can be considered as basic and standard, able to do all the necessary tasks you need for a tablet, but nothing out of the ordinary. But on the other hand, its design is pretty sturdy and durable, making it an ideal tablet even for the kids. It also comes with an improved battery life, able to go for up to 13 hours. The Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is expected to be available sometime in the first week of June. It is available at Amazon for  $80 for the 8GB version and $116 for the 16GB one. Image Source: Amazon Read More

Amazon Announces New Echo Dot Speakers (0)

Online retail giant Amazon has started venturing into product creation instead of just relying into its more popular online selling business model. It has started increasing its line of products to sell to its customers instead of just relying on mostly third-party manufacturers to fill up their shelves of things to sell online. It has since developed e-book readers, tablets, digital TV consoles , and even cloud software services as part of their product line-up. The company has even started developing a portable speaker that can be controlled by a user's voice. And just recently, Amazon has unveiled a new, improved and more affordable model of its Echo Dot speakers. The Smart Wireless Speaker The new Echo Dot speaker was recently announced to the public, just a few months after Amazon launched the first Echo Dot speaker. The new Echo Dot still comes with voice controlled assistance in Alexa that functions in the cloud rather than as a built-in feature. That, in itself, makes it an interesting speaker that also makes it smarter. The Echo Dot speaker is not only a means to provide you with audio as you listen to your favorite tunes. With Alexa, you can use the Echo Dot to take your commands, read news to you, control other connected smart devices, and even answer your questions. It also gives Amazon's partner developers different options to develop other features for it in the future. And while these features are available in the previous and current Echo Dot speakers, the newer version comes with an added option to connect it to other larger speakers. The new speaker also comes with an improved speech processor for improved speech recognition. It also introduced a new feature in the Echo Spatial Perception that allows multiple Echo Dots to address commands by the speaker that is closest to the user. And with all these new features, the new Amazon Echo Dot version is cheaper at just $50. The new smart speaker is expected to be available by next month. Image Source: Amazon Read More

New Amazon Fire Tablet For Just $50 (0)

There's a crowded market out there for tablets today. People's fascination with tablets is still quite large enough for many device makers to churn out their own versions of the nest popular tablet. But so far, the market is pretty much made up by two major players- Apple and Android. Apple has the iPad line of tablets while Android has a whole army of them from different makers all over the world. And then there are the smaller players from companies like Amazon who tries to make a dent in the market. This company tries to do it the practical way- offering the new Amazon Fire tablet for a fraction of how much the popular versions cost. The new Amazon Fire Tablet may probably be the cheapest tablet in its class. Priced at just under $50, the new Amazon Fire Tablet is in no way a generic tablet. It features a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, a 7" IPS touchscreen display. It runs on a Fire OS 5 "Bellini" and comes with both front and rear cameras. Its rechargeable battery is able to provide up to 7 hours of power. It also comes with a microSD slot to provide an additional 128GB of expandable storage. Aside from the price and features, the Amazon Fire Tablet also provides users with access to exclusive Amazon features and services, including access to free and paid content over 38 million movies, books, songs, TV shows and games. All these are available in the new Amazon Fire Tablet for just $49.99. The first of the new Amazon Fire Tablets will be shipping out at the end of this month. Image Source:  Businesswire Read More

Amazon Echo, It’s More Than Just A Speaker (0)

Our lives today have become quite convenient and easy, thanks to technology. With the ongoing development of the smart home, people can easily have better and more convenient automated controls all over the home. We now have Nest for intelligent home temperature control. There are also light dimmers that allow users to turn lights on or off via their mobile phones. Another device called the Amazon Echo may be joining the ranks of building that ultimate smart home. At first glance, the Amazon Echo looks just like a portable speaker. But it functions more than just a typical speaker. It is actually an intelligent device that can accept voice commands, thanks to the numerous far field voice recognition microphones built into the device. Users can use voice commands to adjust the volume, play or stop music, set alarms and even answer your general questions for you. The Amazon Echo comes with WiFi connectivity that allows the device to stay connected online all the time. You can always call on "Alexa" to ask questions and control Amazon Echo. Since the device is always connected online and to the Amazon Cloud via WiFi, the Amazon Echo can gradually evolve the more people use it. The device can eventually learn about your voice patterns, vocabulary as well as your personal preferences. It becomes a device to play music, set alarms, make up lists and even get answers to questions. Users can do all these by just making voice commands. The speaker system itself is not drab by any standards. It comes with a 2.5-inch woofer for deep bass sounds and a 2-inch tweeter for crisper high notes. A reflexive port allows bass sounds to get even deeper without any distortion. The Amazon Echo may be an interesting device to have at home. And with the Amazon Echo companion app for compatible devices, users are given the convenience to control the device even when they are not at home. There may even be more exciting things in store for a new device such as the Amazon Echo. It is currently available at Amazon for Prime members and by invitation only. Prime members get to try it out for just $99. Non-members may have to wait when the devices comes out to the general public. But it will then cost around $199. Image Source: Amazon Read More

Amazon Introduces Three New Kindle Fire Tablets (0)

Amazon seems to be getting serious about offering their own devices. Some people may think that its recent price cut for its Amazon Fire smartphone may indicate that the device has become a failure. But the company is still venturing on creating other devices that can further help promote their other businesses in many ways. Along with the recent price cut, Amazon is also introducing three new Amazon tablets in the market. Amazon has recently announced the availability of three new Amazon tablets- 2 versions of the Kindle Fire HD tablet and the Kindle Fire HDX. Amazon will be offering a 6-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet and a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, which aim to compete with Apple's iPad mini. The new Amazon Fire HDX, with a faster processor and higher resolution, aims to compete with the iPad Air. The new tablets aim to provide additional choices for Amazon customers in terms of more affordable devices. These tablets will be running on the new Amazon Fire OS 4 platform. Their low prices aim to make them appealing for people who are looking for quality low-cost tablets. The 6-inch Kindle Fire will cost $99 while the 7-inch version will start at $139. The Kindle Fire HDX on the other hand will be priced at $379. The tablets will also come with front and rear facing cameras, a quad core processor, and an unlimited access to Amazon Cloud for storing photos and videos. The tablets also aim to help increase the membership of Amazon Prime, its subscription-only entertainment and shipping membership arm. Amazon Prime offers members unlimited access to its music collection as well as free streaming of popular movies and TV shows. These tablets are currently available for pre-order and will be available by October. Image Source: Amazon Read More

Amazon Fire Phone Now Just 99 Cents (0)

It's amazing how Apple can influence the smartphone market in different ways. It can sometimes cause competitors to shudder. Introducing even the smartphone with the best features cannot convince avid Apple aficionados to change gear or sides. In the end, some take drastic measures, just like with the recent news of the 99-cent Amazon Fire phone. Amazon recently announced that it is offering the Amazon Fire phone for just 99 cents for a two-year contract on AT&T. This is a $200 price slash for its 32GB model. In addition, Amazon is also including a one-year access to Amazon Prime and unlimited cloud storage. The drastic price cut for the Amazon Fire may be due to several reasons. One of them may be due to the low demand for the device. It seems that Amazon was not able to convince a lot of people to consider using their new Amazon Fire phone. Another possible reason may be because of the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, especially since the price drop was announced a day before the Apple event. The low demand for the Amazon Fire coupled with the introduction of the new iPhone models may have led Amazon to take drastic measures to drum up demand. At 99 cents, it may still be able to capture a market for its initial introduction into the smartphone market. But it may be an uphill struggle to compete with the big boys, especially now that they are coming up with new models. People may just end up trying to get this new phone for its interesting price point. Who wouldn't for a 99-cent phone with 0 down on an $18.75 per month for two years?  It is just like Amazon is giving away its phones for next to nothing. Now that is a good deal, regardless whether the phone is that good, or not. Read More

Report: Amazon 3D smartphone coming this Fall (0)

Rumors about Amazon developing a smartphone have been around since 2012, evolving into speculations about the Amazon 3D smartphone last year. A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon's 3D-capable phone will be unveiled in June, with shipping expected by the end of September. Citing the usual sources who are "familiar with the details," the e-commerce company has been demonstrating its 3D smartphone to developers in San Francisco and Seattle in recent weeks. The demonstrations require developers to visit heavily-guarded hotel suites just to view the prototypes. The Amazon 3D smartphone will reported have four front-facing cameras or sensors that would track where the user is gazine. It also offers a 3D viewing experience without having to wear special glasses. While some say Amazon is going away from its e-commerce expertise by developing its own hardware, one has to look at its Kindle Fire tablet to see the reason behind the madness. A report from ad firm Chitika Insights states that since Christmas of 2013, shares of Kindle Fire grew so significantly that it has eaten away iPad's dominance, at least in North America. Amazon has yet to respond as of this writing. Source: Mashable Image source: Twin Design / Read More

Amazon Dash: Scanner that keeps your cupboards full (0)

Amazon has introduced a new way to buy groceries without having to step into your local supermarket. The online retailer unveils the Amazon Dash, a wand-like gadget that collects the groceries you want to buy by scanning them and they get delivered on the same day. The Dash sports a WiFi-capable LED scanner that captures the barcode of any item you need in your cupboard. It can also take notes of the products you want to buy through voice recognition using the device's built-in microphone. As ridiculous as it may sound, using the Amazon Dash makes sense. Not every home has a convenient access to fresh produce, which would have required them to drive for miles just to reach the nearest grocery. The device can also accept orders for non-food items like guitar strings or paper towels. The Amazon Dash is available for free, but only by invitation for now. Meanwhile, the AmazonFresh delivery service is currently only available in parts of California and Washington State. Source: Engadget Read More

Amazon reveals Fire TV, an Android media console (0)

After weeks of speculation, Amazon has finally unveiled its Android-powered media console. The Amazon Fire TV is a slim black box with a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a selection of ports for HDMI, optical audio, and Ethernet. The interface is very visual as you browse through a wide array of movie posters in a moving 3D bar. During the live demonstration, the videos launched right upon pressing play, with nary a lag or loading screen. Developers would not have a hard time porting their apps into the Fire TV because of its open ecosystem based on Android and HTML. Users will also be allowed to access Hulu and Amazon Prime, as well as the likes of Netflix, Plex, and NBA Game Time some time later. It can also retrieve content from other Amazon services, such as photos from the Amazon Cloud Drive. The gadget can be controlled through its remote control, as well as the user's voice using the microphone on the remote. It also provides Amazon's X-Ray function, wherein additional information about the characters, actors, and production notes reveal straight from the Amazon tablet. Apart from streaming movies and TV shows, Amazon Fire TV takes it a step further as it provides gaming options much like the new-gen video game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company has announced the likes of 2K, Double Fine, Mojang, and Ubisoft among others who will be bringing their games to the set-top such as Minecraft. To be able to play them, you will need a game controller and Amazon has unveiled just that. It looks similar to the Xbox controller, except that it has Android navigation buttons on the front and media controls along the edge. The Amazon Fire TV is available beginning today for $99. Source: Engadget Image source: Amazon, Venture Beat Read More

Amazon game console may come as dongle (0)

Rumor has it that Amazon is reportedly developing a game console of its own, which supposedly hosts Android games. However, new details from Techcrunch's reliable sources claim there is more to the gadget than just an Ouya rival. According to sources, the Lab126-produced Amazon game console will have a dongle-like form factor, similar to the Google Chromecast. They also add that the stick console will have support for streaming full PC game titles straight to your TV, posing potential threats to the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. While getting PC games running on televisions is not exactly difficult, controlling a PC game with a standard console controller is another thing. The Amazon game console is said to have remedied this situation by streaming the game through a service instead of from the user's computer, similar to OnLive and PlayStation Now. Other rumors about the Amazon set top box appear to be in conflict with each other, but what seems likely is that the company will support the company's streaming Amazon Instant Video and Amazon MP3. Source: TechCrunch Read More

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