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Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver (0)

The Alpine IVA D310 DVD Receiver provides some quality in-car entertainment. It also provides the means to provide all the entertainment needs in a car. Its different features provide a variety of entertainment choices.The Alpine IVA D310 is also a multimedia station that provides a means to control other features of the entire system. It is made possible through a 7-inch touch screen display that comes out of the unit whenever it is being used. It can also be fully retracted safely when unused. It can be used as a means to control any component that is hooked up to the Touch Control System of the unit. In itself, the Alpine IVA D310 can play DVD as well as MP3 and WMA files. It is also capable of connecting with your second generation iPod player and can be hooked up with SAT radio on its on-screen interface. The Alpine IVA D310 is available at Amazon for US$999.Image Source: Amazon Read More

Alpine NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive (0)

Alpine introduces the new NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive, a high-performance black box navigation module that enhances the functionality of Alpine's in-dash AV head units:  The Alpine iXA-W404 and IVA-W505.  Putting the navigation drive makes your regular Alpine car stereo into an extraordinary audio-video-and-navigation solution.The NVE-M300 measures only 4 3/8 in. by 4 1/8 in. by 1 in. and is designed to be mounted in an inconspicuous location, like behind the dashboard.  Connect it to your Alpine AV head unit and the GPS Navigation Drive adds a fully-integrated routing experience.The little black box features an innovative OnPoint Advanced GPS Positioning, which ensures that the vehicle's icon stays accurately positioned on the map, even where it is difficult to receive GPS reception like tunnels, around tall buildings, or under forested areas.  This is achieved by satellite-linked GPS data, solid-state gyro sensor, and accelerometer technologies to deliver improved performance.The Alpine NVE-M300 is also easy-to-use with its graphical user interface combined with voice-guided driving directions.  Drivers can easily identify landmarks such as one-way streets, junctions, buildings, and other landmarks with big and bright icons, while large buttons provide easy identification of commands or maneuvers.  The text-to-speech technology gives drivers turn-by-turn driving instructions, including street names, freeway numbers, and even exit names.The Alpine NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive is available to consumers for $450, which solds separately from iXA-W404 and IVA-W505.  All products are available at authorized Alpine dealers. Read More

Alpine iXA-W404 Touchscreen Digital Media Receiver (0)

People have been using portable audio devices more than ever, particularly the iPod and sometimes even the iPhone. We can go anywhere while listening to our favorite music. However, iPod-totting car drivers may have this urge to blare their sounds on their car stereos, so how are supposed to do it? Electronics company Alpine says the solution is simple: by connecting your iPod to the first touch-screen digital media receiver, the iXA-W404.Promoted as "Made for iPod," the iXA-W404 is designed to the deliver a fully integrated iPod experience in your car. In fact, this digital media receiver does not even have a CD mechanism and instead features a dedicated USB input for optimal connection. The iXA-W404 can also play your favorite videos, movies, and TV shows stored in your iPod or iPhone.The iXA-W404 gives you two options in navigating and accessing your iPod music: through the double-encoder knob and a 4.3-inch QVGA color ultra-responsive touch-screen monitor. Using the interface is pretty much familiar among those who have used their iPod or iPhone for a long time.This device can also provide more features by purchasing added accessories, such as an Alpine HD Radio Module to save songs you like from HD radio stations to your iPod. The next time you connect your iPod to iTunes, you would be able to preview your selections and download them directly from iTunes. You can also have your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone connected by adding a KCE-400BT adapter for hands-free phone conversations without the hassles of uncomfortable earpieces.The problem, however, stems from the iXA-W404's screen seems too small for touch-screen browsing, especially if you are flicking through albums as you drive. The interface, meanwhile, only lets you browse through albums instead of tracks within a particular album that the iPod or iPhone can. Nevertheless, this digital media receiver provides unlimited possibilities for your car listening pleasure.(Image source: Read More

Motorola MOTO W7 Active Edition (0)

Motorola has announced that they are introducing a new addition to their MOTO smartphone line. The MOTO W7 Active Edition is promoted as a motion-enabled 3G1 mobile device that features an accelerometer. Now your MOTO phone can now detect your body's movements, orientation, and hand gestures. For instance, you can try flipping the phone to over to silence the ringer of an incoming call, snooze the phone's alarm clock, or even pause the music. Shake the phone twice and you are right into your favorite applications. You can even flick the phone right or left when moving between songs and images when you decided to show off your music library or photo gallery. The phone's pre-loaded games also lets your body shake, jump, and dance.The MOTO W7 Active Edition is intended for people who are on to go. It contains a built-in pedometer that counts and records your daily walks and runs. A Personal Trainer application lets you create a personal profile and help you set weight loss goals and create workout profiles. It also has a MP3 player, FM radio, two cameras (one for still images, the other for video calls), and an 8GB optional extra memory. It is set to be available beginning in the second quarter of 2009 in Asia and Latin America. It will be available in two colors: licorice and alpine white. Image source: Read More

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