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New Samsung Refrigerator with Built In SodaStream

Posted on February 16, 2013

Modern refrigerators have generally featured the same common functions over the years. Some are given modern features that new technology can allow while some offer added conveniences to make them stand out from the rest. It is sometimes those unique additions that make some of the newer ref models worth getting second looks. One of the recent ones might be this new Samsung RF31FMESBSR Refrigerator.

The new Samsung RF31FMESBSR Refrigerator is a 36″ 4-door model that comes with SodaStream built in. It comes with the world’s first built in sparkling water dispenser. This gets delivered in the same mechanism that produces still water and ice on most refrigerator doors. At just a push of a button, users can now have access to sparkling water any time they want. There are selections to three levels of carbonation, made possible by the attached SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder placed inside a small and concealed area inside the refrigerator door. This cylinder can easily be replaced by a filled up SodaStream tank easily when it becomes empty. The new Samsung RF31FMESBSR Four-Door Refrigerator is expected to be available in the US sometime in April of this year. But be prepared to fork up US$3,899 to be able to enjoy the sparkling water convenience that this new Samsung refrigerator enjoys.

Image Source: Samsung




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