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Incipio iPhone Rugged AR Case

Posted on February 1, 2013

Protecting your iPhone is always important for people who use them. That is why iPhone protective casing has become such a lucrative market. But with casings coming out a dime a dozen, it pays to have an iPhone casing that comes with a unique feature. In the case of the Incipio Rugged AR Case, it is about using augmented reality as a feature.

The Incipio Rugged AR Case is more than just a protective case for your iPhone. When using an accompanying app, the rugged case can also be used to make your iPhone function as an accurate tape measure. The accuracy is maintained by using a removable triangular augmented reality marker that provides the app with a visual reference when measuring sizes and distances correctly. The Incipio Rugged AR Case is available at Incipio for US$40.

Image Source: Incipio




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