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Drill Gun Power Screwdriver

Posted on December 16, 2012

There are certain gadgets out there that are not what they seem to be at first glance. Some makers just wanted to give them a unique and more distinctive look by coming up of a design unlike any other followed by their contemporaries. A fun example of this would be this Drill Gun Power Screwdriver.

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is a power drill that is designed to look like a handgun. It is a cordless screwdriver with a 3.6 V DC motor that provides 3N.m torque at a no-load speed of 180 RPM. It comes with 6 bits of changeable screwdriver heads to provide users with options. This power tool is something that no one should make fun of. Or is it? Well, it depends on the DIY hobbyist who’s using it. The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is available at Gadgets and Gear for US$40.

Image Source: Gadgets and Gear




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