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Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup

Posted on December 5, 2012

People would like to enjoy wine now and then. Wine drinking is considered healthy if done in strict moderation. While wine drinking is considered as a classy habit to have, having too much can sometimes lead to wasted wines as a result of spills. Prevent this from happening by using this unique Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup.

The Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup is a unique cup designed for drinking wine safely and with class. This cup comes with a spill proof cover similar to that of coffee travel mugs. But this time design brings it with a touch of class as this wine sipping cup comes with a double walled tumbler with the interior shape similar to that of a wine glass. This gives users that illusion of holding a wine glass but with an added feature to prevent wine from spilling. The Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup goes for US$15, affordable enough to partner with your favorite wine in the next round of drinks. You can check it out at the Give Simple site if interested.

Image Source: Give Simple




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