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Urchin BOOM Ready 4 Anything Bluetooth Speaker

Posted on December 4, 2012

People nowadays like to bring their music along with them. This allows them to access their favorite tunes whenever they feel like it. But sharing them to friends may not always be a good thing considering the limited audio output of smartphones and portable audio players. People would want to complement them by having Bluetooth speakers as well, like this new Urchin BOOM Ready 4 Anything Bluetooth Speaker.

The new Urchin BOOM R4A Bluetooth Speaker is designed not just for stylish looks but also for rugged functions. This Bluetooth speaker is designed to be compatible with almost any Bluetooth device. It also provides support for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, Simple Secure Pairing, Hands Free Profile as well as a Headset Profile. It comes with a battery providing worth 10 hours of listening time for a 2-hour charge. 1 3.5mm jack also provides connection with wired audio players.

The Urchin BOOM R4A Bluetooth Speaker comes with a carabiner that allows it to be hooked up to a backpack or belt loop, making it easy to bring along. Its rugged casing makes it ideal for outdoor adventures as well. The Urchin BOOM R4A Bluetooth Speaker is expected to be available early next year and will go for US$150.

Image Source: PRNewswire




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