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Pegtop Mug

Posted on November 26, 2012

You might have experienced it too often when you prepare your tea or coffee on the go and you do not have something to stir together the ingredients in. you have trouble finding a teaspoon or even a plastic stirrer just to do the job. You sometimes end up not satisfied with what you are drinking. The Pegtop Mug may just be the answer to this problem as it stirs the content itself by just a spin.

The Pegtop Mug is a design concept created by Russian designer Anastasiya Gavrilova. It comes with an angled ridged design on the inside. When the mug is spun with liquid inside, it creates a vortex that moves the liquid inside, effectively stirring it without the use of a teaspoon or stirrer. This allows for the different ingredients in the drink to effectively mix together. The Pegtop Mug still remains a design concept and no date yet on when it will be commercially available. But it would surely become a useful mug to have around in case they do.

Image Source: A Gavrilova Design



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