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Nokia Launches “Parking Space Finder” Service

Posted on September 29, 2012

Because finding that elusive parking space could take forever, Nokia has unveiled an upcoming service called Nokia Parking. The service, which is set to be launched in Europe in November, not only would assist users to find parking but even helps them pay for it to avoid getting towed.

Nokia Parking was first demonstrated on the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 800. The struggling smartphone maker made clear that Nokia Parking is not an app, but a service that can be licensed to other developers to integrate into their own apps. This means you while you will not be able to download a native Nokia Parking app, you may be able to utilize a local parking app that uses Nokia Parking in the background.

The service uses GPS coordinates to determine all the available parking in a certain locality, as well as provide information about the size and maximum height of parking garages.

Nokia Parking can also aggregate payment information, meaning you can already pay for that parking spot if you are several feet away with just a button tap. And as you leave, tap another button to automatically process your payment. This automatic payment method does away from fumbling for change.

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