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Paparazzo Light For iPhone

Posted on September 28, 2012

Taking pictures in an outdoor setting can be quite a challenge. Taking a picture outdoors using your iPhone provides even more challenges. Lighting conditions sometimes can prevent iPhone users from taking that perfect shot. They now can give their iPhone camera a boost by waiting for the availability of the Paparazzo Light.

The Paparazzo Light is a unique iPhone camera accessory that can give the popular smartphone that old classic look. This device is designed to look like the camera flash of olden times. It comes with a 300 lumen LED that can provide users with a light source. It allows users to adjust lighting from zero to full brightness.

And just like older analog cameras, the Paparazzo Light attaches to the side of the iPhone making it look as one is holding a classic camera dated in the early 1900. This iPhone accessory is powered by a couple of CR 123 batteries. A downloadable app can also be used in order to control the features of this accessory such as switching from photo to video modes and customized light adjustments. The Paparazzo Light is currently a Kickstarter project. But since it wasn’t able to collect the necessary funds it needed for production, who knows when it will eventually be available, if ever it does. But iPhone users can always have that wishful thinking.

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[...] The Paparazzo Light is a unique iPhone camera accessory that can give the popular smartphon… Read More » [...]
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