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HP Introduces First NFC Powered Mouse

Posted on September 24, 2012

No gadget is immune to the changes that new technology brings. Unluckily for some gadgets that do not embrace the changes, they become obsolete. Some are given modifications in order to remain relevant and to make way for some new technology to become part of it. HP just did something similar when it developed the new HP Touch to Pair Mouse.

The new HP Touch to Pair Mouse is designed with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology as a main feature. Users can simply connect or pair the mouse by tapping it with another NFC enabled device. The HP Touch to Pair Mouse is considered to be the world’s first NFC enabled mouse. For those devices that is do not come with NFC features, this handy wireless mice can also be paired via the reliable and common Bluetooth connection. The HP Touch to Pair Mouse is expected to arrive in stores by November. It is expected to cost around US$39.

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[...] HP Introduces First NFC Powered Mouse [...]
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[...] Via | Gadget.com [...]

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