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Muscle Wire Solar Space Wing Kit

Posted on September 23, 2012

Science can be a really fascinating subject. Many people probably would want to see science in action in order to discover just how interesting life it. But that will be taking it out of context when trying to explain something like the Muscle Wire Solar Space Wing Kit.

The Muscle Wire Solar Space Wing Kit is simply a science project that you can do when you have some vacant time available. This project may take some assembly time which might also require some soldering and hand tools experience. Once the project is assembled the fascination begins.

The Muscle Wire Solar Space Wing Kit comes with its own solar panel, electronic circuits, wings and some muscle wire. In case you don’t know, Muscle Wire is made of nickel-titanium allow which has a unique property of contracting with heat and expands when cold. The materials come with detailed instructions on how they will be assembled.  When done just right, it comes out as an electronic butterfly. This solar powered electronic butterfly has the means to flap its wings, thanks to the Muscle Wire. The more light there is shining on the solar panel, the faster the butterfly wings flap. It does not necessarily fly, just flap its wings to let people understand and see and become more fascinated with Muscle Wire. This handy science project kit is available at ThinkGeek for US$25.

Image Source: ThinkGeek




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