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Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer

Posted on September 20, 2012

One common way that many companies use of trying to capture a certain market segment is by developing a device that is closely connected to an already popular device in the market. That is why there is a booming industry around making accessories for those wildly popular iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. One of the unique ones to recently come out is this Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer.

The Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer is a fitness bike trainer that uses the iPhone as an integral tool to its main function. This biker trainer becomes a fully functional device with the help of the iPhone and its accompanying app.

The Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer connects to an iPhone via a Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. Through it, users can use the iPhone to control the resistance training that the biker trainer is capable of. App-based workouts are also available to give users different training options for better fitness. The Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer was introduced on the Eurobike 2012 that was held just last month. Availability is yet to be announced along with its expected price.

Image Source: Wahoo Fitness




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