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Amateur Surgeon 2 iOS Game App

Posted on September 17, 2012

There are people who would have wanted to be doctors or surgeons when they were small. But due to some of the changes happening in life, it was a dream that somehow went unfulfilled through the years. Some of them now begin to wonder what would have been if they pursued it earlier. Now, these frustrations can now be somehow addressed in a fun way by playing Amateur Surgeon 2 iOS game app.

The Amateur Surgeon 2 iOS game app is a unique game app that is reserved for adults as well as those frustrated surgeons. The game allows players to perform a surgery on a patient, but in a fun and interesting way. The surgery tools used are out of the ordinary since they are items not designed for actual surgery.

Players have a pizza cutter to open up a particular part of the body for surgery. Players then need to keep the wound clear out of obstructions that might appear there. Players use a spool of thread to stitch up the wound and then a lighter to close it up. Surgery is completed with a dab of scar reducing liquid applied to the wound. Surgery can’t become any easier or more fun than that. The challenge differs from different levels as different patients are brought in for surgery with a variety of conditions. There’s also the timer to consider as patients likely die if the surgery is performed more that the allotted time. For those who like to play doctor and perform surgeries, this new iOS game app would certainly work well. The Amateur Surgeon 2 iOS game app is available at the App Store for a $1 download.

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