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Split Decision Android App

Posted on September 11, 2012

Many people take pride on how much they know. Some may even go to a point of making up certain things just to try to give the air of being a know-it-all. It takes quizzing people in order to know if they really know trivia or may have believed on nonsense because of what they just heard from someone else. The Split Decision Android game app may provide such an insight for most people.

The Split Decision Android game app that simply gives people a way to separate the truth from what is nonsense. This trivia puzzle game gives people a choice between to answers to a particular question. One is the right answer while the other is totally not related to it but may be considered by some as the right answer. The challenge is for those people to know just how accurate their knowledge really is.

In the Split Decision game app, players need not start to be trivia wizards to play the game. They all have that 50 percent change of getting it right or getting it wrong. In the process, players learn something interesting that they might someday use to impress others of their knowledge. The Split Decision Android app is available at Google Play for free download.

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