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T-Mobile Wants Your Used iPhone

Posted on September 10, 2012

T-Mobile, the only major carrier that is not selling the iPhone, wants people to hand over their used ones–specifically those out-of-contract iPhones from AT&T–and switch to the Big T.

This move is in anticipation of Apple’s expected launch of the iPhone 5 this week. “For every person waiting in line for the next model, a lot of them have to find a secondary market for that older device,” said Harry Thomas, T-Mobile’s director of marketing.

While signing one’s iPhone up for T-Mobile service has been possible, many users complain about the carrier’s slow data speed, which is about 50 times longer to download files compared to an iPhone on AT&T.

T-Mobile assures its customers that everything will be under control soon, as the the carrier has been reshuffling their frequencies this year, which would enable T-Mobile to match or even exceed AT&T’s data speeds on iPhones. For now, the change will be evident in major cities like New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Washington D. C.

The reason why T-Mobile zones in on AT&T iPhones is because the smartphone gets unlocked, using codes provided by the carrier, once the contract is up. The iPhone 4 model from Sprint and Verizon will not work on T-Mobile’s network, while their iPhone 4S will work if hacked but that is not something T-Mobile wants to get into.

Customers who want their iPhones switched to T-Mobile will get unlimited data plans, which come with two-year contracts. Meanwhile, users living in Atlanta and New York will receive $100 gift cards along with the unlimited plan.

Source: USA Today

Photo credit: Andrey Rudakov, Bloomberg



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T-Mobile Wants Your Used iPhone | hupdate on September 11, 2012 at 3:23 pm

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