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New Philips Wake Up Light Launched At IFA 2012

Posted on September 10, 2012

Philips has recently introduced the new Wake Up Light as one of its new products for IFA 2012 held in Berlin. Although the Wake Up Light concept has already been available since 2006, it has recently been given a new redesign in order to fit into the current preferences of the consumers. And so Philips gave it a new look in order to make the product fit more into the current home environment.

The new Philips Wake Up Light is designed to look like a small sun inside the home. It features a Colored Sunrise Simulation lighting scheme that mimics the sun at dawn that gradually lights up to get people out of the deep sleep. It gradually increases light levels for a period of 30 minutes. It also comes with 5 natural sounds that will further help gently wake up users from their slumber as opposed to getting shocked by the noise of the usual alarm clock. It also comes with an FM radio as well as a clock.  The new Philips Wake Up Light is expected to cost around 130 UK Pounds or US$208 when it comes available any time soon.

Image Source: Philips




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