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Traktor Digger Android Game App

Posted on August 31, 2012

When it comes to puzzle games, Android device users usually have a lot to choose from. There are now quite a lot of game apps available for Android that can help fill up the need for puzzle enthusiasts. Traktor Digger for Android is just one of those interesting game apps worth playing.

The Traktor Digger Android game app is an interesting puzzle game where players become drivers of heavy machinery. The player is tasked to dig for gold and then haul it to a waiting dump truck for transport. Each level is completed when the gold is successfully placed into the dump truck. It is finding a way to get the gold to the truck that becomes the main challenge for the player. Players can also chose from different tractors that they can learn to control and do certain stuff to accomplish some essential objectives found at different levels of the game.

In the Traktor Digger game app, different levels present different challenges on how players may be able to transport the gold into the truck. There are obstacles to take care of, holes to dig as well as to fill up and then other machinery to take advantage of in order to get the gold into the dump truck for transport. The challenges become even greater as players advance into different levels. The puzzles provide the players with hours and hours of exciting mental exercise just to accomplish each level. The Traktor Digger Android game app is available at Google Play for free download.

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