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Supermagical iOS Game App

Posted on August 31, 2012

Game apps have surely grown in leaps and bounds, both in the variety of choices available as well as in terms of quality game play and graphics. All these are more evident now that Apple has added other features into their iOS devices such as retina display technology for richer and more detailed visuals. The new Supermagical iOS game app aims to take advantage of this along with its fun and exciting gameplay to keep people spend some quality hours killing time when the need arises.

The Supermagical iOS game app is an adventure as well as puzzle game that offers both challenging gameplay and striking visuals as its main selling features. These are two features that many great game apps are actually made of. Supermagical seeks to impress players in both areas, even getting the Gamelab and IDBA award for the “Best Mobile Game for 2012″ in the process.

Supermagical is an adventure RPG game that is set in the magical world of witches and magic. The principal character is Nina, the little witch who needs to take care of the invading little creatures called the Minix from overwhelming her world. Nina gets to use her skills in solving puzzles as well as create spells in order to keep the Minix at bay. There are quite a number of puzzles to solve and 3 unique continents to explore. Players have over 71 levels to go over in order to arrive at and experience the game’s epic ending. Along the way, Nina also gets to befriend 6 powerful warlocks to help with the cause as well as cute and lovable pets to find.

Supermagical comes with simple and accessible controls designed specifically for touch devices. Its colorful animation is further highlighted by retina graphics support, making it even more enjoyable to play with even for just exploring Nina’s surroundings. TheĀ Supermagical iOS game app is available at the App Store for a US$1 download.

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