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Recoil Winders

Posted on August 31, 2012

For people who are fond of having portable devices always handy, there is always this common problem of having to deal with all the wires. From chargers to certain wired accessories, these multiple cables and wires can easily get tangled with each other and become quite a mess that can get into your nerves after a time. Instead of just having to live with it and consider it a normal consequence of being technologically savvy with all your gadgets, you can instead invest in a Recoil Winders or two to help you manage with all those wires.

Recoil Winders are simple yet highly useful gadgets that people can use in order to help keep those wires and cables organized. It is an automatic cable winder that can instantly gather those long wires keep them spooled inside the device housing and prevent them from getting tangled up with other wires. Using them is quite easy- just hook up a part of the wire into the Recoil Winder device and give it a slight tug. The device will automatically pull in the wires into a spindle to ensure that they don’t get tangled up. Unraveling the wires is just as easy as well. The Recoil Winders can help keep those wires form your headphones to your mobile phone charger well organized and tangle-free. The Recoil Winders are available in two sizes- the smaller earbud sized model and the bigger model for larger mobile charger cables. It is now available at the Recoil website at US$10 for the earbud sized model and US$15 for the larger-sized model.

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