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Vote iOS Game App

Posted on August 26, 2012

Many people are currently watching the festivities that this election season is bringing in. The upcoming presidential election is putting some excitement back into US politics. For some people, they just can’t help but get into the thick of things with all the political drama that is currently unfolding. And for those who would want to add some dose of fun to all these, the Vote iOS game app may help provide some much needed respite by making the election campaign between the two presidential candidates truly a fight to the finish.

The Vote iOS game app is designed to be fun and not to be equated with what is currently happening in the ongoing presidential campaigns of both candidates. What this iOS game app offers is the chance for the two candidates to really duke it out in order to get a win in different battle scenarios. It is always a battle between current President Obama and his presidential opponent Mitt Romney.

The game allows players to choose the outfits that their presidential candidate wears and also equip him with a variety of items that can be used for advantage in each campaign battle. The objective is to win votes and lead the campaign to victory. The candidates also will be using hilarious weapons when they are unlocked, such as a microphone, an ice cream cone, foam hand, sparkler and even the Constitution.

Many costumes and accessories are available for both candidates to provide some hilarious combinations when they go out on the campaign trail. Some of the arenas that the candidates do battle in include the White House lawn, the Oval Office and the Debate Stage. Watch and enjoy the political exercise become an enjoyable pastime as a fitting departure from the reality of politics in this country. The Vote iOS game app is available for free download at the App Store.

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