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The Seoul Central District Court has announced a split decision on the global legal battle between Samsung and Apple over patents concerning mobile computing.

A three-judge panel declared that Apple infringed on two of Samsung’s technology patents, while Samsung violated one of Apple’s. The court awarded small damages to both companies and ordered them to stop selling their infringing products in South Korea. Luckily, none of the banned products are the latest models of Apple or Samsung devices.

The judges commanded Apple to pay 20 million won ($17,560) to Samsung, while Samsung was ordered to pay 25 million won, or $22,000. The amount is a far cry for the hundreds of millions of dollars they asked the court.

The decision comes after a United Kingdom court announced that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets are “not as cool” compared to its Apple counterpart. The case is currently being tried in Australia and Germany, while the federal jury in San Jose, California, is deliberating on a similar case.

Source: Wall Street Journal



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[...] ruling comes after a court in South Korea ruled that both firms had copied each other’s patents, while a British court dismissed Apple’s claims that Samsung had infringed its [...]

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