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The United States Department of Justice, together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has seized three websites accused of distributing Android apps illegally. Android app developers applauded the move, as these apps are pirated outside of Google Play and they would not get paid for it.

The three websites were Applanet.net, Appbucket.net, and Snappzmarket.com. Among the three, Applanet is not afraid of what it does as stated in its Twitter account: “Applanet is an exact replica of the android market. Get free paid apps. Directly to your phone!”

It is relatively easier to “pirate” Android apps compared to its Apple counterparts. A pirate simply needs to gain access to an openly available Android Package file and load it into their own app store or copy the code outright and republish the software.

Despite the loophole of these Android apps, Google has not made enough changes on how Android apps are published.

Source: Department of Justice, via ReadWriteWeb




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