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WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker

Posted on August 20, 2012

The whiteboard has become a useful tool not only in offices but in schools as well. Even homes can benefit from having a whiteboard around. But while whiteboards may be quite useful, issues such as lack of space for it or some with limited writing space usually crop up. In order to address the issue, people might consider using the WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker instead if they have greater than the usual whiteboard needs.

The WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker is a useful alternative for rooms that require one but have limited space. Instead of having a movable but bulky whiteboard in the room, one can instead have the WhiteyBoard sticker applied on to a flat, smooth wall surface and an instant whiteboard is made. This whiteboard sticker is made with the highest quality adhesive to make the WhiteyBoard stick securely in place. The opposite surface is ideal for a whiteboard pen to write on and just as easy to erase. Quite a unique idea but also a very useful one, The WhiteyBoard Whiteboard Sticker comes in many different sizes to fit any need. The most popular one is the large 4 x 6 WhiteyBoard that costs US$70. It is available at the WhiteyBoard site for you to check out.

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