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Mio Trask Desktop Lamp

Posted on August 14, 2012

For some people, it is important for a device or gadget not just be functional all the times. Having some artful design in terms of form may also be just as essential to make such devices fascinating and appealing. Such properties may be present in this new and unique Mio Trask Desktop Lamp.

The Trask Desktop Lamp is designed by Jaime Salm and Roger C. Allen and manufactured by MIO. It is a unique LED light source that can adapt to almost any need or lighting in the room. It is designed as a LED lamp that first comes as a flat paper-like piece. But then the user can bend and fold it to one’s content in order to satisfy one’s lighting needs. The flexible LED bulb goes along with creating the shapes that eventually make up the Trask Desktop Lamp. Its snake-like properties make it quite a versatile LED lamp to have around. The Mio Trask Desktop LED lamp is available at 2modern for US$225.

Image Source: 2modern



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