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USB Toaster Hub And Thumbdrives

Posted on August 11, 2012

For those who like their gadgets fun and interesting, it’s the unique trait that usually matters. It may even be the simplest gadget around, just as long as it has that special unique trait worth looking at a second time, then it qualifies. One such gadget can include the USB Toaster and Thumbdrives in the mix.

The USB Toaster is a unique 4-port USB hub that happens to be designed to look like a toaster. Quite an interesting take for a USB hub, the design gives it that edge in terms of looks that might cause people to become more interested in getting it than other ordinary USB hubs. But that is not all; it also comes with an accompanying bread shaped USB thumbdrives to complete the picture.

Aside from the USB Toaster 4-port hub, you may also be interested to use those 4 cute looking USB 2.0 thumbdrives shaped like bread being toasted. Each one even has a name and their own characteristics. But any other thumbdrive will work just as well on the USB Toaster hub. You may get the toaster hub at ThinkGeek for US$25. The 4GB thumbdrives are sold separately for US$28 each.

Image Source: ThinkGeek




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