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Exogear Exovolt Plus

Posted on August 10, 2012

The need for portable power among today’s gadget users is ever increasing. Many devices have been developed to help address this issue such as bigger capacity and better external batteries. But it seems that it may not be enough. Exogear is offering a unique concept for power hungry device users in its Exovolt Plus compact power system.

The Exogear Exovolt Plus is an external battery system devised to provide device users with ready and available standby power when the devices require some much needed charging. But what makes it unique is that it follows a modular design that allows additional external batteries to be stacked one on top of the other for an almost unlimited available power. The modular concept may provide an answer to the increasing power needs of a device owner while on the go.

The Exogear Exovolt Plus starts with a base unit that contains a 5,200mA lithium polymer battery with a USB port for charging devices. It has the capacity to fully charge an iPad. But when that supply is used up and users still need added power for other devices, a sub unit that contains a similar 5,200mA battery can be attached to the base unit. Additional sub units can be stacked one on top another to provide power which can be limited only to how many of the batteries a person can carry. The Exogear Exovolt Plus is expected to come out any time soon. The base unit should cost around US$90 while the sub units come at US$50.

Image Source: Exogear




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