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The 9.5 Degree Chair

Posted on August 7, 2012

Sometimes, there is this need to see things in a different light. Even if it is slightly just a bit outside of the standard, people can easily see the difference and uniqueness. Just a slight variation of an established idea can help make a certain device or object stand out and with its own ingredient of fascination to offer. Such is what this unique 9.5 Degree Chair offers.

The 9.5 Degree Chair is so named because of its looks. Unlike a straightforward chair, this unique chair stands at a 9.5 degree slant but still offers a sturdy place for seating. It just looks like it is somehow going to fall when someone seats on it.  A deceptive design for a chair created by Rasmus B. Fex, the 9.5 Degree Chair will look quite fascinating especially if people are told that it is designed like that and not just some rickety slanting chair in the midst of falling down. For how it looks, the 9.5 Degree Chair will be a design concept for the most part. But it shows people something unique now and then, that would somehow be a breath of fresh air for some.

Image Source: B Fex




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