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Mortal Skies 2 Android Game App

Posted on July 24, 2012

Classic console games of yesteryears have recently become the rage among many game aficionados. It has even seen some surge as some of the games have found their way into game apps for smartphones. One of those classic games that have recently shown a revival can be seen in the Mortal Skies 2 Android game app.

The Mortal Skies 2 game app for Android devices is a classic shoot ‘em up game that is somewhat similar to Capcom’s 1942 game. It also uses World War 2 planes and follows a vertical scrolling gameplay. But Mortal Skies 2 has the advantage of having clearer and more detailed visuals and graphics that was once not available during 1942’s time. Mortal Skies 2 seems to make a proper tribute to a classic game that many people still enjoy playing.

In Mortal Skies 2, players get to ride and control World War 2 planes and accomplish different missions as well as get into many combat scenarios. Players can earn XP in the game that can be used to upgrade the plane, weapons or armor. Players can either control their planes by using touch controls or the accelerometers on their Android device. The Mortal Skies 2 game app for Android can give some people that chance to reminisce about classic games of the past and relive somewhat the days of their childhood, albeit in a modern version of a classic game. It is available for free download at Google play.

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