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Best Golf GPS Apps for iPhone

Posted on July 20, 2012

Even golfers need smartphone apps that would help them get into the top of their game. The most popular apps for golfers are the GPS apps that lets them view courses on satellite view, aiding them in measuring distances and elevation.

Take note that there are golfers need to comprise a lot when using their iPhones as their Golf GPS buddy. For one, such apps consume a lot of battery power, so always start with a full charge and use power-save modes. Also, be aware that iPhones are not water resistant, so use a protective case in case of rain.

About.com has compiled the best golf GPS apps for iPhone, all of which do not come for free. But hey, at least you get what you pay for.

Golfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom Software ($29.99) – Golfshot has two version and for obvious reasons the paid version gets to have top-line features. This app sets itself apart with top-of-the-line stats tracking and graphing. Golfshot automatically creates color graphics for fairways hit and missed, as well as greens in regulation, sand saves, putts per hole, and many more.

GolfLink Game Tracker & GPS by Demand Media, Inc. ($9.99) – One of the most popular and well-thought-out GPS app for golfers. Users admire its easy-to-use interface, effective power-save control, and thorough stats-pack and graphing. It covers over 21,000 free course database in U.S. and Canada.

GolfLogix for iPhone by GolfLogix, Inc. ($39.95 per year) – Unlike most apps in this list, GolfLogix is not listed on the Apple App Store. Instead, you can purcase the app after registering your smartphone to its website and pay the necessary fees. The latest version of GolfLogix comes with a bright, easy-to-use user interface built from scratch with the iPhone in mind. It provides aerial views of each hold, as well as a summary screen providing distance to the center of the green, layup distance, and distances to hazards.

Viewti Golf GPS by ViewTi LLC ($29.99) – ViewTi’s stand-out features include a database of over 30,000 courses that spans 30 countries, a nice scorecard utility that can be sent through e-mail, two zoom options, a new 3D hole flyover, and a functionality that displays your distances from your locations.

AirVue Golf by Locaxion LLC ($9.99) – AirVue displays distance to the front, center, and back of the green with pop-up yardage markers, as well as distances to most hazards. The iPhone’s touchscreen can be used as a rangefinder to help golfers determine reach and carry distances. Views can be switched from the entire hole, to fairway, and to green.

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