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Timbuk2 Introduces New Device Charging Bags

Posted on July 10, 2012

For the consummate gadget lover, having multiple devices to bring along both offers many benefits as well as problems. One common problem that people having multiple gadgets face all the time is the issue regarding power. These gadgets can’t seem to have enough power to go around, especially when the gadget lover is out and about and with charging the gadgets farthest from their minds. That is why Timbuk2, a manufacturer based in San Francisco has come up with new charging bags to address this common issue.

Timbuk2 has partnered with Joey Energy in order to come up with bags built with their own means to power devices in the Power Commute and the Power Q bags. These bags are equipped with the Joey T1 power supply that is considered rugged and water resistant. The power supply can charge any device that uses the USB port for charging up. It can provide up to a week’s worth of charging devices. The Joey T1 is conveniently fixed inside the Timbuk2 bags in order to make them always an available power supply for people who always go on trips. The bags themselves are designed to be handy, rugged and quite useful with multiple compartments available for storing different devices. The Timbuk2 bags are expected to be available in the market in October of this year. Both the Timbuk2 Power Commune and the Power Q bags are expected to cost around US$199.

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