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TentFinder Wireless Light Beacon Marker

Posted on July 6, 2012

It is a common occurrence during outdoor festivals and camping tours- one can easily forget the location of one’s own tent in the sea of other tents on a campsite. People can sometimes take hours and hours navigating through a sea of tents before they finally get to locate the right one. It can happen to anyone. If you wish to avoid such an embarrassing situation, you might want to bring the TentFinder Wireless Light Beacon Marker to help you find your tent next time.

The TentFinder is a simple wireless beacon of light composed of 23 super bright LED’s. Used as a lantern inside a tent, the TentFinder can also guide you to your temporary campsite shelter in case you mindlessly forgot where it is. The TentFinder comes with a remote control that works within a range of 50 meters from each other. The remote control can be used to turn on the light unit left inside the tent. You can then use the light as a way to find your tent among the many others scattered throughout the campsite. It works especially well at night. The TentFinder is available at the Monster Factory for 20 UK pounds or around US$31.

Image Source: The Monster Factory



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