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Twist n’ Catch iPhone Game App

Posted on May 26, 2012

Puzzle games for the iPhone can be quite entertaining, depending of course on the preference of the player. But for the most part, puzzles provide a mental challenge that may be different from that of other types of games. The new Twist n’ Catch iPhone game app may be considered as one of them.

With many puzzle games now available in the Apple App Store, you can say that Twist n’ Catch may be offering a new and unique type of gameplay unlike many of them. Sure, it may have some players think of the Cut The Rope app primarily for the presence of the rope in the game. But how it is played is entirely different.

Twist n’ Catch game app where the objective is to get the diamond as well as the sapphires on each level.  It is up to Sergeant Cookie to find a way to get them while hanging by a rope. The player needs to maneuver Sergeant Cookie and the rope to a series of mazes and obstacles in order to capture the diamond. Players do this by tilting and moving the iPhone to steer Sergeant Cookie in the right direction. Twist n’ Catch game app for the iPhone is a puzzle and dexterity game that can be quite addicting and fun for those who love puzzle games. It is available at the App Store for free download.

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It's simple game, but will be fun Unfortunately in iOS, i can't try it
Anyun on May 26, 2012 at 3:54 pm
[...] available in the Apple App Store, you can say that Twist n’ Catch may be offering a… Read More » [...]

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