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Choice Of the Dragon Game App

Posted on May 24, 2012

There are game apps for the iPad or the iPhone that appeal to people in different ways. Some people like them for their interesting gameplay while some may like the graphics and the visuals that come with the game. And then there are some that like to play those games that challenge their minds and imagination. Choice of the Dragon game app is one such game that fits the latter quite suitably.

Choice of the Dragon is a unique game app for the iPhone and the iPad in that it does not come with visually arresting graphics. It is a simple text-based app that captures the player’s imagination similar to what an adventure book might do. The game is in simple multiple choice format where players play a dragon character and needs to decide on where the adventure leads based on choices. It is similar to those Choose Your Own Adventure books in the past, this time made available in digital form for the iPhone and the iPad. The Choice of the Dragon app is available at the Apple App Store for free download.

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[...] Dragon game app is one such game that fits the latter quite suitably. Choice of the Dragon … Read More » [...]
[...] Dragon game app is one such game that fits the latter quite suitably.Choice of the Dragon …Read More »  Gadget News and Reviews – [...]
Gadget » Choice Of the Dragon Game App on May 24, 2012 at 6:50 am

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