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ION Air Pro HD Sports Camera

Posted on May 23, 2012

There are now quite a bit of portable sports video cameras available out there. And there are even such action cameras that can record the video in HD quality. But the improvements do not end there as there are still newer sports video cameras coming out in the market like the new ION Air Pro HD camera.

The new ION Air Pro HD sports camera is the most recent addition to the ION Air Pro sports camera models, one of the pioneers in the sports camera market. This time, the new sports camera has added features that make it an even more essential gear for action or sports videographers out there. This sports camera now comes with WiFi PODZ, making it easy for users not only to shoot videos but also in sharing them over a WiFi network in real time. You can consider it now as an HD sports webcam as well aside from an action camera.

The new ION Air Pro HD is actually an upgraded ION Air Pro POV sports camera that is now fitted with a detachable accessory, the ION the GO WiFi PODZ. When attached to the sports camera, this enables the users to seamlessly share footage over the Internet on the different social media sites without the need of a computer or cables. The camera is able to capture 5MP stills as well as capture video in Full HD 1080p quality. The 1800 mAmp battery booster makes the device good for up to 7 hours of recording. That’s more than enough power to record sports and action footages for hours and hours. The ION Air Pro HD is already available in the market for US$350 and comes with free 8GB of cloud storage where users can upload their captured videos.

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