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Data Killer Secure Data Erasing Device

Posted on May 20, 2012

Data today has become a very valuable commodity. It can either make or break companies. That is why many companies today take data security very seriously. But it can be quite a challenge in trying to manage and secure sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. One device that may help greatly in this task is the new Data Killer Secure Data Erasing Device from Platform of Japan.

The Data Killer is a device that can securely erase data found in magnetic storage devices such as tapes, discs and hard drives. It works by using a very powerful magnet to rearrange the magnetic alignments that make up the data on magnetic storage discs. Data Killer sets the magnetic alignment in the same direction, thereby effectively erasing the data that the storage devices contain. But what makes it useful is that the erased storage devices can immediately be reused and with the erased data unrecoverable.

The Data Killer Data Erasing Device comes in different models that can effectively erase data on magnetic storage devices one by one or several disks or tapes at the same time. There is also a model that can even accommodate a laptop or notebook to erase data found in its hard drive without having to detach it. Plartform of Japan, the maker of Data Killer is planning to develop the product overseas and not just in Japan, where it is currently available. There’s no indication on its website on how much these devices will cost.

Image Source: Platform of Japan



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