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Dice with Buddies iPad App Review

Posted on May 19, 2012

After playing word games and pictionaries with your friends, a new social gaming movement is sweeping the App Store: Dice with Buddies!

Created by Justin Stofle, this app has similar gameplay to Yahtzee wherein players take turns rolling five dice to come up with the highest possible poker-like combinations. Once a you make a move, you can close the app and you will be alerted when it is your turn to play. Dice with Buddies allow you to play with your friends or family member whom you can challenge through SMS or Facebook, as well as a random opponent. There is also an in-game chat windows for some enjoyable chatting and heckling, an optional “push” notifications, and a bonus roll to get extra boosts when needed. You can play Dice with Buddies on your iPhone and iPad using the same WithBuddies account.

The game also keeps tabs with your stats, which are saved and linked up with your WithBuddies account. You can track your win-loss record among different opponents, as well as High and Low scores of the day. The app can be played both online and offline in case you get stuck in a WiFi-less area.

Dice with Buddies has been ranked one of the top 5 over iOS apps in the United States. Download the free edition to see for yourself why people just could not get enough of dicing. There is also an ads-free edition for only $1.99.



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[...] a move, you can close the app and you will be alerted when it is your turn to play. Dice… Read More » [...]

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