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Tilt To Live iPad Game App Review

Posted on May 7, 2012

Simple games can sometimes be the most popular ones when played on the iPad. But their simplicity does not always mean that they are simple and easy to play with. One such game in mind is the Tilt To Live Game App for the iPad.

Tilt to Live is a simple yet engaging game for the iPad. All one needs to do is move one’s icon to avoid certain red dot obstacles on the screen by simply tilting the tablet the right way. But the fun just doesn’t stop there. The moving red dots close in on the player and it is his or her objective to avoid them. There are also other weapons that appear on the screen that will help the player battle the red dots. There are cluster rockets, freeze blasts, nuclear bombs and other weapons that players can use. But they need to tilt maneuver to them in order to use them. Players can unlock other weapons along the way.

The Tilt To Live game app for the iPad is one of those simple games that can also be both addicting and fun. The simplest control by tilting the tablet for movement makes it an appealing as well as challenging game since it is not always the type of control that most players are accustomed to. The Tilt To Live is available at the Apple App Store for a US$3 download.

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[...] to avoid certain red dot obstacles on the screen by simply tilting the tablet the right … Read More » [...]
[...] icon to avoid certain red dot obstacles on the screen by simply tilting the tablet the right …Read More »  Gadget News and Reviews – [...]

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