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GodFinger All-Stars iPad App Review

Posted on April 30, 2012

God games are arguably one of the easiest apps to play. You do nothing but play god and control your minions as you please. However, a lot of god games lose their charms in the long run. GodFinger All-Stars by plus+ tries to disprove that notion and then some.

The game enables you, the god, to interfere with your subjects in great detail. Stun your followers with awe and terror, send them leaping through the heavens, and collect Follower Stars to power up your people. Follower Stars are created as you wow your minions with your wonders.

Another great feature of this app is how you can transform your planet according to your liking, such as turning deserts into lush plains, planting flowers, and flooding gullies. Players can also add Awe Points in form of in-app purchases.

GodFinger All-Stars can be downloaded for free on iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Connection to the Internet is required to play.



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[...] in great detail. Stun your followers with awe and terror, send them leaping through the he… Read More » [...]

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