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Nintendo has revealed that they suffer an embarrassing 37.3 billion yen (US$459.4) loss recently, pointing the blame finger on the discounted 3DS consoles they sold. Although the Japanese gaming giant sold 13.53 million units of these glasses-free 3D handheld gaming device since the price slash, the company continues to face mounting pressure from mobile games for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile game apps, which users can download into their devices for as low as $1 or even free, have been a loathsome element for Nintendo. Its president Satoru Iwata once said that smartphone games threatens “the high value of software.” But with the growing trend of mobile gaming, investors demanded that Nintendo should at least port some of its titles to iOS. Imagine playing Mario Kart on your iPhone and not on your Nintendo DS.

But until that happens, we can safely assume that Nintendo will continue to remain defiant. Iwata confidently stated that his company’s fortunes will reverse next year, starting with bringing the 3DS back to a more profitable (read: expensive) price.

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