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Qbo Robot Now Available

Posted on April 25, 2012

It seems that we now are slowly living in a world where robots are becoming fairly common. Soon they might just become a part of every household, just like what many futurists in the past expect them to be. But for now, household robots today remain a novelty and not usually just the fully functioning interactive humanoid that most expect them to be. Just give it a few more years and certain views may change. But for now, there are robots like the Qbo that can still satisfy any need to have an interactive robot around.

The Qbo robot is not that advanced cybernetic humanoid that one may be expecting it to be. But it is a robot that can already learn to interact with its owners. It has a pair of webcams for eyes that allows the Qbo to extract 3D information and detect close objects and people. And by storing images that its webcam takes, the Qbo is able to detect and recognize faces. Not only that, it is also able to detect close objects and be taught to recognize what they are using its stereoscopic vision.

The Qbo also comes with a microphone located on its head that allows it to capture as well as recognize speech spoken by a natural human voice. It can also detect and recognize hand gestures that can be used to control its built-in music player and speakers.  It can also be controlled using WiFi connectivity, making it possible to control the robot online. Two ultrasonic sensors located at the robot’s front allow it to detect and avoid obstacles when moving around.

The Qbo is definitely a robot that people can try to learn from as they slowly try to integrate themselves into human lives. Okay, that may be far fetched for now, but it is very possible. The Qbo robot is available for pre-order at The Corpora in either a base or a complete unit. The base unit costs 500 Euros or around US$656 which buyers may need to assemble on their own. The complete Qbo already comes assembled and may be priced from around 1,700 Euros or around US$2,230 to 2,300 Euros or around US$3,017.

Image Source: The Corpora




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