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Did you know that Mozilla Foundation, the organization behind the Firefox browser, is developing a mobile OS based on HTML5? News has been hovering around about Boot to Gecko, the mobile OS set to battle Android, which is said to be designed with web apps in mind although with the functionality and device integration similar to native applications.

Mozilla claims that users of Android smartphones with unlocked bootloaders will be able to install BtG onto their device. But for people with less knowledge about booting another OS into their phones, the groups is said to be shopping for partners.

So far, Brazil’s Telefonica has accepted the OS with loving arms. According to Brazilian tech blogs, the carrier will be selling BtG smartphones by the end of the year or in early 2013. And that is not just speculation, since Mozilla’s CEO Gary Kovacs himself made the announcement in São Paulo just recently. What he did not say, however, is what kind of phones will run the web-based OS.

A representative from Telefonica, meanwhile, indicated that the handsets will be unlocked and cost as much as a feature phone. In other words, dirt cheap, just as how we like it.

Source: ZTop.com, via Engadget



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